Themetic offers a world of possibilities to elevate your phone screen.

Convert Videos to Wallpaper

Choose your favorite memory or a video that inspires you from your very own gallery and convert it to a format that makes it the ideal wallpaper. With high-quality conversion, you set videos to wallpaper in no time.

Edit videos

Themetic isn't just a wallpaper app; it's an all-in-one solution. Our app allows you to do some heavy-duty editing on your videos. Don't believe it? Try the app and see that you can split videos, add music, crop and rotate images, and add effects and filters. Also, find a mirror, pip, mask, and voiceover features.

Add photo wallpapers​

As we said, Themetic is an all-in-one solution; so the wallpapers don't just stop at the video. Whether you want to choose from the available wallpapers or add a picture from your gallery, Themetic offers a ton of opportunities to personalize.

Edit photos

The photo wallpapers you choose for your phone don't have to be basic; they can be special like you. Themetic lets you edit your photos however you want. Its easy editing options allow you to flip pictures horizontally and vertically, crop photos and add filters, effects, and glitter.

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